Third-party Commissioning

Third party commissioning is a key activity that ensures good indoor environment for occupants, sustainable building operations, increase the value of investment and reduces environmental impact.

As a Commissioning Authority (CxA) we carry out the commissioning process adhering to LEED International V4 (pre-requisite and enhanced) / IGBC Green Rating / other parameters agreed with the client. Our commissioning process includes process management, planning, design, installation, start-up reviews, functional performance testing as well as a ten month operational review.

Management of Retro-commissioning projects

To be able to improve the indoor air quality and operation of an existing building, retro-commissioning is often needed. The main challenge in retro-commissioning is to collect data of existing system operation and plan the required commissioning activities.

We carry out the Retro-commissioning process through a series of steps, wherein the key performance indicators needs to be analysed and targets set for retro-commissioning. Performance analysis of existing systems and system components like chillers, air handling units (AHUs) and building management system (BMS) is the basis of  our commissioning plan.

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