Santrupti solutions for Indoor Environmental Quality and System performance offers benefits for all stakeholders: users, employers and building owners.


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  • MANAGEMENT PROCESS – Develop the IAQ management system to maintain good indoor environmental conditions, improve energy and environmental efficiency and reduce life time costs;
  • PERFORMANCE EVALUATION – Collect data, measure and inspect the current IAQ and system operation as well as provide recommendations for improvement;
  • IAQ AND VENTILATION DESIGN – Concept design phase is the right time to focus on IAQ both in new constructions and existing buildings after the IAQ audit;
  • IMPLEMENTING IMPROVEMENTS – Total turn-key solution from design and project planning to installation and system commissioning or just the IAQ PMC;
  • COMMISSIONING – Either full third party commissioning service or just the installation audits and functional performance testing;
  • ANNUAL MAINTENANCE – Systematic measurement and follow-up of IAQ, annual maintenance review of buildings and systems as well as periodic training of O&M personnel.

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