The Essence of Life

We at Santrupti are in the business of improving and changing lives. Santrupti offers solutions that are unique and make a difference in the lives of people.breath-clean-air

Santrupti is engaged in delivering service products for clients in Scandinavia and India who are seeking new and innovative ways of doing business. Our goal is to help our clients and partners to increase revenue and profitability by overcoming the challengies of the constantly changing businees environment. We achieve these goals by creating tailor-made service products that take into account these dynamic changes in the business environment as well as strengths that these two regions offer to each other.

The people behind Santrupti have extensive experience in the several segments including  international business mangement, IT outsourcing & recruitment, building performance engineering & sustainable buildings and sports management. This enables us to offer You our solutions in the following areas:

  • Placement Solutions
  • Sustainable Building Solutions
  • Sports Management
  • Business Transformation

We have companies in India and Finland – Santrupti engineers Pvt. Ltd. and Santrupti Oy.