About Us

Santrupti engineers was founded 2013 in India. It is a service provider that focuses on sustainable building performance. We have offices both in Bengaluru and New Delhi, India.

Santrupti Oy was founded 2018 in Finland. It offers services in the areas of placement solutions and business transformation as well as sustainable buildings and environmental policies. Our office is located in Helsinki, Finland.

PaceSetters is our licensed brand for sports academies around the world.


Ms. Maija Virta is the Founder of the Santrupti engineers in India and Santrupti Oy in Finland. Maija has over 30 years of experience in construction and HVAC-industry and she has been in India for the last 8 years. Her key areas of expertise are Indoor Air Quality, high performance buildings as well as sustainable building policies and technology. Prior to moving to India, Maija was the CEO of the Green Building Council Finland. Among her various contribution to this field, she has authored many books and publications on sustainable buildings and technology. Maija has lectured on innumerable topics for ISHRAE, REHVA, ASHRAE, SuLVI, FIGBC and IGBC. She is currently the member of several ISHRAE task groups: IAQ and thermal comfort task group that prepared the IEQ standard for India as well as the HVAC Commissioning task group that is preparing the Indian commissioning standard.

Mr. Madhavan S. Pillai has been involved in sports, particularly basketball, and businesses for more than 30 years in Africa, Europe and in the USA.

Madhavan has helped establish and run businesses in Africa, India, Europe and the US for more than 20 years. Prior to his business ventures, Madhavan coached college basketball in the US for more than a decade in the 80’s and 90’s. These sporting connections helped him to create future business opportunities in 5 different continents. Madhavan created several companies like Phoenix international Inc. in Liberia, Infotech Network India Private Ltd (India) and Infotech Network USA Inc. Madhavan is currently the CEO of Santrupti engineers in India and Santrupti Oy in Finland. Madhavan is also the Founder of PaceSetters Global, a social enterprise that establishes sports academies around the world.

Madhavan began coaching in Liberia as a Student Assistant Coach in 1982 at St. Patrick’s High School. In 1987 Madhavan moved to the University of Oklahoma to continue his education and basketball journey as Graduate Assistant Coach. 1990 he began the first concerted effort to bring in global players into the USA as an Assistant Coach at Oklahoma City University. Madhavan’s career then continued in St.Edward’s University in Austin TX as Assistant Coach and Lamar University as Associate Head Coach of the Lady Cardinals (NCAA division I). Madhavan recruited players from Australia, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Nigeria, Scotland, and Senegal and it produced the only NCAA Basketball team to have more international players on the roster than Americans. In 1996 Madhavan moved to the professional level by becoming the General Manager of A.S Priolo Sicily of Serie A of the Italian League. He then went to South Africa in 1997 and served as the Principal Consultant to the Professional Basketball League in South Africa.

Mr. Mika Nummenpalo, has been a serial entrepreneur for over 35 years. Mika worked for Coach Service Scandinavia Oy as a light technician and tour manager all over Europe for 25 years. In December 2006 he established Easy LED Oy to manufacture LED street lights and light source meters for LED products. He lived in Dubai, UAE, from 2011 to 2014 managing the Al Jaber lighting unit. In February 2014, Mika established LED Tailor Oy, which focuses on visible light disinfection without chemicals. This technology is a first of its kind in the world, and  recognised by the President of the Republic of Finland and has also received the International Quality Innovation Award 2018. Mika served as CEO of and Chairman of the Board of Directors of LED Tailor Oy the company until November 2018. He is a Member of Board of Santrupti Oy and Broomu digitals Oy. Mika is a man with a clear vision of the future, that combines all that is needed in this world with a strong convergence of all views. His strengths are manifested through his extensive field of expertise when working with people with diverse backgrounds.