Training and Placement Solution of Indian Nurses in Finland

If You need qualified registered nurses (RN) in Finland – Santrupti HOITAJA Training and Placement Solution is what You need.


We at Santrupti Oy offer You a unique solution as Your partner to ensure adequate and qualified staffing for Your hospital or healthcare company in Finland. Santrupti HOITAJA Training and Placement Solution consists of three elements:

  • Identifying and training (nursing & Finnish language courses) Indian nurses in India based on the VALVIRA requirements for registered nurses in Finland.
  • Registration of Indian nurses in the VALVIRA system.
  • Placement and transitioning of VALVIRA registered nurses to You.

Santrupti’s HOITAJA solution and presence in both India and Finland enables us to offer You a pool of VALVIRA registered nurses that have basic Finnish language skills.

Regardless weather You are a large, medium or small healthcare facility in Finland – Santrupti Oy is here to assist You – either in English or Finnish.