IAQ & Building Performance Evaluation

Efficient building performance and good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) contributes to both, user well-being and environmental impact of buildings. Periodic User Satisfaction Survey and real-time Indoor Air Quality Measurement are the appropriate way to follow-up the indoor air quality and user satisfaction . If there is a deviation from the IAQ target values or the users are not satisfied, HVAC system performance and walk-through audits are carried out. These audits are needed to find out reasons for poor indoor environmental quality and problems in HVAC system performance. The results give us a basis for planning and implementing suggested improvements.

We can also offer other audits related to the indoor environment and system performance. We can conduct an energy audit (e.g. based on the BEE energy audit guidelines) together with the HVAC system performance audit. Indoor air quality audit can be expanded to the other elements of indoor environment that are important for building user or owner, like acoustics and lighting.

Whenever, any institution is planning to move to a new location, it is recommended that IAQ Due Diligence is carried out. Such due diligence enables the company to specify desired IAQ conditions in the contract with the builders / owners and to specify the changes needed before space is being occupied.


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