Placement of Indian MEP & Civil Engineers in Scandinavia

Are you a Scandinavian MEP & Civil service provider or manufacturer who has a shortage of manpower – What about Indian MEP engineers?

Are You an Indian MEP & Civil engineer wanting to work abroad – What about Scandinavia?

Engineers in Helsinki

We at Santrupti Oy provide a bridge between Indian MEP & Civil engineers and the Scandinavian companies. Santrupti’s presence both in India and Finland as well as our founder’s engineering background allows us to offer a unique placement service for Indian MEP & Civil engineers in Scandinavia. We carefully filter the candidates based on the client’s job requirements as well as we assist both ends in recruitment, resident permit and placement processes. Most of the engineers have gained their international experience in the Middle East and South East Asia. We also provide an online seminar to all chosen engineers regarding the typical MEP technologies and solutions used in Scandinavia in order to prepare them for their future role.

India offers the largest English-speaking pool of MEP & Civil engineers in the world. Every year almost 800,000 MEP & Civil engineers graduate in India. The total MEP & Civil engineering workforce is about 8 million university educated professionals. Indian engineers have a large presence around the world, like in the US, Canada, UK, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. With such a vast pool of qualified people, Scandinavian companies can choose professionals for a variety of MEP & Civil jobs.

Some of the world’s leading architects, contractors and MEP & Civil designers originate in Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). The same region is famous for its sustainable and energy efficient buildings. Every year more engineers retire than those who graduate resulting in the need for over 20,000 MEP & Civil engineers. Salaries are attractive in comparison to India or the Middle East. It is a region where living standards are high, education and healthcare are free and work-life balance is healthy. Scandinavia is an exceptional place to raise Your family!!!

We already have clients in Scandinavia who recruit Indian engineers. We also have a growing number of engineers from India wanting to be placed in Scandinavia. Why not join them now?

Indian MEP & Civil engineers to Scandinavia (pdf)

Job application for Indian MEP & Civil engineers