Kitchens are one of the most demanding spaces in terms of thermal comfort and indoor air quality. One of the biggest risks in the kitchen is the grease duct fire in case ducts are full of grease. Good kitchen exhaust ventilation consists of efficient grease removal in the hood (mechanical and UV filtration) and chemical filtration before exhaust fan to ensure that ducts stays clean and air supplied out from the building has no smell.

Supply air needs to be introduced to the room so that it does not reduce the filtration efficiency of hood and that it provides good thermal and IAQ conditions for staff.

Correct pressure differences between kitchen and restaurant are important to prevent the smell of food spreading into the restaurant. Outdoor air needs to be sufficiently filtered, so that customers can enjoy the food in the clean air environment.

Santrupti Continental can offer full range of kitchen ventilation products including the exhaust hoods, grease filters with and without UV, ventilated ceilings and various air supply solutions. Santrupti Continental in partnership with JEVEN from Finland brings new kitchen ventilation technology to India as the core of our kitchen exhaust solution is Jeven Turbo Swing grease filter. For more information, visit:

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