Airwala3.png Smart controller unit adjusts the fan speed based on the continuous indoor and outdoor air quality measurements by optimizing the indoor air quality, increasing the life cycle of filters as well as minimizing the system energy use. Our patented control algorithm ensures that the highest level of indoor air quality is maintained  but at the same time we ensure that the air conditioning system is able to maintain the desired temperature. AIRwala indoor air monitor is continuously measuring the air temperature, relative humidity, carbon monoxide and particulate matter (PM2.5) and respectively the outdoor air monitor particulate matter (PM2.5).

Air quality data is saved for display and analysis to an online portal. There are several user interfaces available depending on the type of data to be reviewed:

  • Occupant Interface: displays the current indoor and outdoor air quality;
  • Facility Management Interface: allows to analyse the air quality during the past one year as various readily configured diagrams and tables. Also the alarms regarding the air quality are displayed online.