Carypure room air purifiers are made in India to solve the local indoor air quality problem i.e. removing particulate matter from the room air. There are two different models available: Carypure 100 and Carypure 200.

Carypure 100 is designed to remove the particulate matter from the room air. It has a proper pre-filter that ensures a longer life cycle of active carbon and fine filters. The pre-filter can be washed once it gets dirty. Active carbon filter removes VOCs and odours. The mechanical fine filter removes 95% of fine particulates that are as small as 0.4 micrometers. There is an option to operate the unit with UV light that kills viruses and bacteria. Carypure 200 uses ‘molecular filtration’ instead of ‘active carbon filter’ for removal of e.g. toxic gases, odours, vehicle exhaust, cigarette smoke and cooking odors.

Both units have very high clean air delivery rate of 750 m3/h. Filters need to be changed 2-3 times per year depending on the particulate pollution level in the area.

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