Queries about Air Purifiers up by 100% in Delhi

Delhi has been worst hit by air pollution crisis and has been deluged with innumerable articles and reports about the health jeopardy that the residents of Delhi are facing. Delhiites are therefore becoming more conscious of the air around them, as the queries about air purifiers are up by 100% according to Times of India.

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Rain rain please stay in Delhi, go away some other day!!

Delhi’s PM2.5 level falls after showers and was on a moderate scale on Sunday.

Monsoon does bring cleaner air days for different polluted cities by reducing the PM2.5 levels, but will have no impact on the gases such as oxides or nitrogen, Sulphur dioxide or even benzene, an hazardous chemical and a compound of crude oil and petrol that can be harmful even at trace levels.


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Staggering 80 deaths daily by air pollution in Delhi

Just by meeting the national standards for PM2.5 levels we can avoid premature deaths up to 45% and by meeting WHO standards we could cut it down by 85% as stated by the latest research. PM2.5 is the major air pollutant resulting in annual deaths of 3.2 million, immediate action plan must be made to bring down the levels as the percentage is likely to rise in the future.


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Is Delhi an undesirable city for expatriates ?

Here’s a report why alarming pollution level is pushing out expatriates from Delhi. Soring level of pollution and a baggage health impact that comes along with it is the primary concern. Long term exposure to air pollution lower children’s I.Q., hurt their test scores and increase the risks of autism, epilepsy, diabetes and even adult-onset diseases like multiple sclerosis.


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Prioritizing improvement of Indoor air quality

Asthma is developed gradually due to indoor and outdoor air pollution and could be triggered at any age of a persons lifespan.


On an average a person spends more than 80% of his life indoors, hence treatment of indoor air should be more prioritized than the outside air to begin with.

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“The Big Fight” on NDTV with our Managing Director Maija Virta












Watch our Managing Director Maija Virta as a panelist at “The Big Fight” airing on NDTV at 8PM on the topic “Will rising pollution level create a fear psychosis for expats in India? Is there a real danger that India may be blacklisted as place for work because of its plummeting air, water pollution situation? Is this an extreme view? Are our children at peril of respiratory diseases? Is India, really just a tough country to live in when it comes to the everyday?”

NDTV’s flagship show The Big Fight, has been one of India’s top rated current affairs shows for close to a decade. Hosted by Vikram Chandra, the show pits those on opposite sides of an issue against each other in a debate. What emerges from the opinions is a thorough 360° view of the key national or global issues at hand. In the last ten years, The Big Fight has debated topics ranging from national politics, foreign policies, international events to social issues and sports. The show has been nominated for and won numerous awards and has also won the ITA Milestone award for one of the most influential programmes of the past decade.

One in eight deaths globally is caused due to air pollution

One in eight deaths globally is caused due to02_06_2015_001_063_011 air pollution in a recent statement by WHO. China and India are the worst affected by air pollution . India should make an effort in mitigating air pollution by creating sensitivity and consciousness among people in urban as well as rural areas.

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