Ambient Air Purifier is an outdoor air purification device that cleans the outdoor air before it is supplied into the space. Air can be supplied to the spaces directly or to the air intake ofair handling unit (AHU) or ducted AC. It can be installed either vertically on the floor or horizontally near the ceiling.

Ambient Air Purifier has two optional particulate filtration concepts: mechanical filters or electrostatic precipitator based.

Mechanical filters based particulate filtration concept consists of:

  • Pre-filter to remove dust;
  • Coarse filter to remove coarse particulates;
  • Fine filter to remove fine particulates.

Electrostatic precipitator based particulate filtration concept consists of:

  • Pre-filter to remove the dust;
  • Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) to remove ultra-fine particulates and to kill microbiological contamination like viruses & bacteria;
  • Active carbon filter to remove all gases including the small amount of ozone generated in the ionization process.

The controller unit that is developed by Santrupti, controls the fan speed based on the indoor and/or outdoor air quality measurements.