New Solution for Kitchen Ventilation in India

Santrupti Continental in partnership with JEVEN from Finland brings new kitchen ventilation technology to India. The core of our kitchen exhaust solution is the Jeven Turbo Swing grease filter.

Turbo Swing ensures the efficient grease removal before air is extracted to the duct work. It utilizes the new, patented grease removal technology. Perforated separation plate removes the grease from the air while rotating and  “swings” grease to the sides of collection basin (see video). This technology is efficient to remove (>95%) particulates down to 5 microns. Smaller particulates can be removed by integrating the UV-light inside the Turbo Swing casing.

Turbo Swing grease filters can be installed inside the exhaust hood or directly into the ceiling surface. Total indoor air quality management is complemented with other Santrupti Continental solutions like Ambient Air Purifiers and AIRwala control and monitoring system.




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