Indoor Air Quality – More Knowledge Available in India

Air quality problems have been in the daily news for last two years in India. But there have been very little information available how harmful it is and how people can protect themselves from the air pollution. Lack of knowledge have also been a challenge in our professional communities. This is why ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) and the voluntary group of industry leaders have taken some actions to improve the awareness and to bring more knowledge for our professionals.

After release of ISHRAE Position Paper on Indoor Environmental Quality, the IEQ Committee has been working on to prepare the India-specific IEQ Standard. This standard is now on a review process and will be published soon. It is performance based standard and will give the target values for good thermal comfort, indoor air quality, lighting and acoustics.

Last week the Indoor Air Quality Assocition (IAQA) – India chapter was launched. The founding members are Richie Mittal (chair), Krishnan Viswanath (vice-chair), Dinesh Gupta (secretary), Ashu Gupta (membership), Barun Aggarwal (treasurer), Maija Virta, Nitin Deodhar, Gautham Baliga, PKSV Sagar, Subramaniam C and Shankar Rajasekaran.

The IAQA was established in 1995 in US and it is dedicated to bringing practitioners together to prevent and solve indoor environmental problems for the benefit of consumers and the public. In early 2015, the IAQA and the ASHRAE finalized a consolidation between the two organizations. The work of IAQA complements the work of ASHRAE in its standards, research, publications, and educational offerings. The two associations combine their resources to ensure the industry receives the best indoor air quality technical guidance and educational programs possible, which means improved indoor air quality.

IAQA offers wide range of learning opportunities like webinars and IAQA University online cources. You can join online the IAQA India chapter.

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