Air Quality Can Be Good in Delhi

This video published by American Embassy School in Delhi shows that even in very polluted ambient environment the indoor air quality can be good. The basis of design was a comprehensive study of ventilation system performance and IAQ measurements carried out by Santrupti engineers in all buildings at the AES campus. Based on the study we found that:

  • Room air particulate levels were too high:
    • Ambient air and Air Handling Unit filtration needed to be improved;
    • All buildings needed to be properly over-pressurized to avoid ambient air from entering indoors via doors and windows;
  • Maintenance and operation of ventilation system needed to be improved:
    • HVAC-system components (including AHU rooms) needed to be maintained at a high standard;
    • Operation and maintenance personnel needed additional training to better manage the operation of ventilation and air conditioning system in each building.

We set the target together with school’s IAQ Quality Task Force to improve the indoor air quality: to reduce indoor air particulate matter PM2.5 level to be 70% below ambient air level, to remove traffic gas emissions from supply air and to improve the cooling in the classrooms.

This is the project we are really proud of in Santrupti engineers. There was no other project to copy, but we managed to develop a solution that utilizes the existing ventilation system. We added the Ambient Air Purifiers with the sufficient filtration (particulate & gas) and energy efficient EC fans to air intake. Thanks to DRI and Camfil-Farr to assisting us with the design and Breatheasy for implementing the installation.

Results speak for themselves – according the AES representative there is 85% – 98% reductions of ambient air particulate matter levels and indoor air quality is now always below the US EPA 24-h standard of 35 µg/m3 and in many spaces fall below the US EPA annual standard of 12 µg/m3.

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